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SAM DELEEUW – Cowboy Poet, Emcee, Humorist

Make no mistake, Sam DeLeeuw knows what she’s talking about. She has been a part of the agricultural life since she was born. She has raised and herded cows, sheep, horses and two rodeo queen daughters!

In college, she was often the only girl in the ag-curriculum and was a popular date because she’d help with the branding and such. Sam’s background gives her all the ideas for her often humorous, but sometimes tear-evoking stories.

Four-time Female Poet of the Year for the WMA, Humorist of the Year for the AWA, and 2017 WMA Poetry Book of the Year. Her most treasured rewards are the people she’s met over the years.

Raised in Blackfoot, Idaho, she now makes her home in Roy, Utah, and is in demand as poet, humorist, emcee and lively entertainer.

Photos, etc. are available in the Press Kit.


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